10 Tips to Reduce Food Waste: Celebrating National Food Waste Day

As we observe National Stop Food Waste Day, it’s essential to reflect on our daily habits and how they contribute to this global issue. Food waste not only squanders precious resources but also exacerbates environmental concerns. Fortunately, making simple changes in our routines can significantly reduce food waste. Here are ten practical tips to integrate into your lifestyle:

Before going shopping make a list of what you need; plan your meals for the week and buy accordingly, this will stop you over buying

Bread; divide your loaf up and freeze, take it out the night before you want to use it, this will help to save throwing half a mouldy loaf away 

Bread; if your bread starts to go a little stale, turn it into breadcrumbs

Milk; if your milk starts to sour, use it to make a delicious Sour Soda bread

Bones; If you love a rotisserie chicken, don’t just discard the bones, put in a pan of water and make a delicious stock that you can use for lots of your daily soups and stews. Simple boil up the bones and then pour into an ice cube tray, freeze and pop a couple out as required

Veg; instead of putting little bits of onions and peppers back in the fridge and then forgetting about them, dice them up and make a delicious mixed veg omelette for breakfast

Potatoes; if you always end up with too many potatoes after dinner, keep these in the fridge overnight, chop up, fry in a small frying pan with some bacon and onions, maybe even some sausage, for an amazing cooked breakfast dish

Coffee grounds; love a fresh coffee in the morning, dry out the grounds and simple add to your garden or indoor plants as a natural compost solution

Yoghurts; keep an eye on your best before date and before they go out of date, put them in the freezer. These will make a lovely alternative dessert to ice cream

Composting; instead of just emptying that food caddy into the food waste bin, instead collect them, collect some leaves and twigs, allow these to dry and in a large pot/bin/tub add your food waste (veg peels, egg shells, fruit and veg scraps or stalks) and allow this to decompose. Add to your garden!

By incorporating these tips into your routine, you not only reduce food waste but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Let’s work together to make every day National Stop Food Waste Day by adopting mindful practices that benefit both our communities and the planet.

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