The importance of keeping your CV up-to-date

The job process can be long and difficult, competing against a group of people for the same job can be challenging. This is why keeping your cv up-to-date is very important.

Your CV is the first opportunity you have to leave a good impression, having a well maintained CV will show that you’re prepared, organised and reflects your professionalism. Regularly updating your CV allows for you to tailor it towards specific job opportunities and showcase new and relevant skills for the job you are looking for.

Updating your CV will help you document your achievements and show your career progress, helping you apart from other applicants. Demonstrating to employers that you are proactive and take your career seriously. Furthermore having an up to date CV shows your organisation and will boost your confidence in interviews as you know that your CV will align with your current aspects of your professional life.

In conclusion, updating your CV will be crucial in your job search journey by showing current skills, up-to-date achievements and standing out to employers, you’ll have a more streamlined and effective application and interview process.

If you’re wanting to work in the industry we have recruiters who are here to help make your job search easy and with their help your CV will stand apart from other applicants- contact us today.

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