Hospitality Tips This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day that is celebrated all over the world to express your love and gratitude for not only your own Mum but for all Mum’s, Step Mums, Expectant Mums and even special Aunts or Friends who have been like a Mum over the years.

Families have started to favour the idea of dining out to make enduring experiences that they can treasure forever. It’s a terrific chance to take your Mum out so she can be spoiled without having to cook or clean, as well as making memories.

Mother’s Day is a time when the entire family may gather to celebrate, unlike other holidays like Valentine’s Day, which are mainly celebrated by couples. In addition to anticipating larger groups, hospitality providers need to think about kids and provide a kid-friendly dining experience.

Businesses need to be prepared because this weekend is expected to be the busiest of the year for restaurant owners. To assist your business make the most of this Mother’s Day weekend, we have put up 5 tips.

Look at Mother’s Day weekend statistics from the past.

Forecasting sales can be hard. That’s why it’s important to look at data from previous periods to find out what was a best seller and what sold poorly. All this information can be found in your POS system reporting. You can easily select any previous period to check sales data to review.

Menu Customisation

After a review, you can identify what dishes and drinks were favourites and will likely be popular again this coming Mother’s Day. With this information, you can customise your menus to optimise profit.

Prepare Stock

This information is useful for menu planning as well as for organising your available stock. A more precise forecast of the required supply will also aid in minimising food waste and maximising financial savings.

 Set Menus

More individuals are making reservations for set menus for Mother’s Day. This is advantageous for restaurants because a smaller menu allows for more efficient service in the kitchen. As a result, they work more quickly and can provide guests with faster service, turn over more covers and therefore maximise revenues.

It’s crucial to remember that when presenting a Mother’s Day set menu, this is a time for family outings, so including a kids menu or kid-friendly alternatives is just as important to ensure that everyone is content.

Gift Vouchers

Purchasing a gift card to give to their Mum’s favourite restaurant is a common option for those who won’t be present on the actual day. Customers should be able to buy gift cards both online and in-person as Mother’s Day approaches.


It is crucial to keep track of reservations throughout the busy Mother’s Day weekend so that tables may be turned over more quickly and with better customer service. To maximise revenues, it’s crucial to optimise your restaurant so that it can accommodate as many customers as possible.

Some things to consider:

Charge a deposit for table reservations to reduce the number of no shows.

Set a time limit on the sitting. Commonly set for 90 – 120 minutes.

Hold bookings for no longer than 15 minutes to ensure punctuality.

Having a good social media presence is essential since the younger generation are more inclined to reserve a place after first seeing it online. To maximise booking prospects, promote your business through several platforms.

Special Offerings

Restaurant promotions are a great way to bring customers through your doors and extra incentives are a good way to help make the day feel special.

Given that wine is a popular gift for mothers, a special offer, for example two-for-one drink deal, might simply be added to make the occasion more special. A complimentary dessert or other gifts could also be a part of the celebration.

These suggestions will make the day run even more smoothly and lower the likelihood of errors, allowing your company to make the most of Mother’s Day.

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