How to write an effective job advert

Finding the best talent in the current job market is more challenging than ever. It can be tough to draw in potential candidates, and the truth of the matter is that a poor job advertisement may contribute to some of the difficulty. 

Are you interested in learning how to create a job advert that will attract the most suitable candidates? 


 Here are a few of our best job advert writing suggestions to help you make the most of your job posting: 

  1. Give a description of the company

A short rundown provides the potential employee with knowledge of the company’s larger objectives outside of the specific role. Candidates then understand how they could help the business succeed. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity for candidates to learn about the background of the company. 

  1. Use an accurate job title

Depending on the industry, certain roles go by several titles. Even though certain work duties are the same, it’s typical for the job names to differ. When searching for a job, especially online, candidates find the position more easily when the job title is accurate. 

  1. List the skills and qualifications necessary

To attract qualified candidates, it is advantageous to be clear about the skills and qualifications needed for the position. Making a short list of candidates who meet the qualification requirements easily requires clarity. By ensuring that the majority of candidates are aware of and meet the requirements mentioned in the posting, it can help speed up the shortlisting procedure.5. State the job location and working hours 

  1. Clearly list duties and responsibilities

An accurate description of the position helps candidates determine whether their qualifications match the requirements and what the position entails. The correct candidate can be attracted to fill the position if the job description is clear and gives them an accurate idea of what to expect.  

  1. Give contact information

Include your phone number and email address in case the potential employee needs to get in touch with you. Candidates can apply and respond to the job opening by using the contact email, job title, and hiring manager’s name. If applicants have questions regarding the position, it can be helpful. 

  1. List the location & working hours

Candidates will carefully consider location, working hours, and potential travel or relocation before considering and applying for jobs. They might save time at the interview or offer stage if this information was made available when they applied because they can quickly determine if the working hours and location are good for them if it is clearly stated. For remote employment jobs with flexible working hours, it’s also helpful to be clear about the location and hours. 

  1. Give some insight into salary and benefits

The phrase “competitive salary” is frequently used in job postings when the real pay rate is not desired to be disclosed. When posting a position, it’s not necessary to include exact rates or salary ranges, however, doing so can be helpful. Giving candidates a glimpse into the pay can help them evaluate if the pay fits their lifestyle and obligations. 

Nowadays it’s not all about the salary, prospective candidates want to know what other benefits come with the role whether it is flexible working, number of holidays, healthcare; including key benefits could be the biggest seller for your role. 

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