Three new dessert focused concepts opening in ‘dessert alley’ Chinatown London

Shaftesbury welcomes three new brands, Kova Patisserie, Taiyakiya and Meet Fresh, as they bring their creative new concepts and signature sweet treats to Chinatown London.

Kova Patisserie are serving French-Japanese fusion patisserie within a new 240 sq ft store located at 20a Newport Court; Taiyakiya are offering taiyaki – the social media famed fish-shaped waffle cone – with soft-serve ice cream from a 200 sq ft store located at 20 Newport Court; and internationally established brand Meet Freshopening up their 1,800 sq ft European debut store at 100-102 Shaftesbury Avenue, providing authentic Taiwanese desserts, including Taro Q balls and smooth tofu pudding.