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The UK’s top 5 fan favourite sandwiches!

There is no denying that the sandwich is and forever will be a staple of the lunch time food menu. Any menu at that. A sandwich offers such variety and creativity to its eater, yet the fashion in which it does so is so simple. We Britons spend a combined £3.25bn per year on pre-made sandwiches alone. Sandwiches have been cemented in our diets since we were children, prying open the lids of our colourful lunchboxes to see 4 perfectly cut triangles (or two halves) courtesy of mum, and eagerly scrambling to find out today’s fillings. Now we have submarine sandwiches, toasties and bagels to choose from.

The minimum requirement of a sandwich is two slices of bread. What goes in between those two slices is entirely up to you, leaving a hungry diner to explore to their hearts content. Whether it be meat or salad, sauce or cheese, or all of the above. The greatest thing about sandwiches are the endless possibilities and choice they provide and everything seems to work, from the modest to the extravagant.

To pay tribute to this great food, we have scoured the internet to present to you the top 5 favourite sandwiches in the UK. Jump in and take a bite!

1. Ham and Cheese
Coming in at number one is a sandwich classic. Ham and cheese. A few slices of cold smoked ham accompanied with a helping of cheese (of your choice). The cheese could be melted, grated or sliced. It’s open to exploration. This sandwich is simplistic and accessible.

Best served grilled, but hey that’s just our opinion.

2. Fish Finger
Second place goes to the fabled fish finger sandwich. A sandwich loaded with 3 or 4 crispy, golden slabs of oven baked fish. This variation of the sandwich, finely doused in ketchup, often appears on a weekend afternoon.

Normally functioning as a prelude to a filling Sunday roast! Well…in our households anyway.

3. Chicken & Bacon
Finishing the podium spots is Chicken & Bacon, which has been on the rise as of late and emerging as a fan favourite. The generous helping of carved roast chicken married with slithers of bacon creates a meaty feast that hits the spot.

Throw a helping of mayo and thinly sliced cucumber into the mix and you have a sandwich that provides a taste sensation of.

4. The BLT
Perhaps one of Britain’s most revered sandwiches, with a name that carries great weight amongst sandwich-ers. This blend manages to achieve the perfect balance between meat and veg, providing a creamy sensation with a crunch.

A straightforward combination that never fails to please.

5. Sausage
Whether it’s a cheeky morning indulgence or an absolute necessity to diminish that nasty hangover, a sausage sandwich has got your back. Crispy cooked sausages wrapped in a selection of sauces resting neatly upon toasted bread is the perfect way to start any morning of the week.

Add its partners in eggs, bacon, beans and hash browns combine to produce the almighty English breakfast in a bun!

6. Bonus Entry – Cheese & Pickle
Now, to be a great sandwich, doesn’t require the use of meat. Although meat is very popular in sandwiches, there are some great veggie options out there! This veggie delight can be constructed with simple cupboard ingredients and a huge variety of cheeses. Whether it’s Cheddar, Bree or Stilton, you can find a unique taste that you enjoy and love.

On top of this, the number of pickle recipes is astounding, meaning you can experiment with different flavours very time.

Honourable Mentions

• Chicken & Stuffing
• Classic Ploughman’s
• Chicken Mayo
• Cheese & Tomato
• Tuna & Cucumber
• Egg & Cress