The Key to Filling Roles for the Long Term

This new era has seen a paradigm shift that has moved power away from candidates to potential employers. We now find ourselves in a market with an abundance of candidates for each new role advertised. Business leaders, recruiting leaders and people managers can therefore be more selective when hiring and at times when hiring managers might feel uncertain about the future of their business, finding the right people is more important than ever. Therefore, although you may have a higher amount of candidates applying to your adverts, it is still crucial to attract the right candidates that are going to be with you for long term to drive competitive advantage in the new post-pandemic world of work. We have gathered a few things to consider when trying to attract an ideal candidate that is going to be with you for the long-term.  


Yes, the shift in the job market will allow you as a business to leverage the large supply of candidates to your advantage, for example, you may consider demanding a higher threshold of requirements or reducing the salary of your jobs adverts?  However, you still want to make sure you are attracting the right type of candidates.

Salary is the most obvious factor potential candidates are going to assess when applying for a role. If you’re offering well below the market rate for the skills you’re seeking, then you run the risk of attracting the wrong type of people to your adverts. Financial uncertainty will mean you may need to consider offering a lower salary than you previously would have, and candidates will be expecting this, however, it is important to do your research and recognise that if a slightly higher salary is going to attract a higher-quality employee with longevity, then it may be worth revaluating the salary you’re offering.


Your company culture must be compatible with the type of people you’re trying to hire, otherwise it won’t work for you or your employee in the long run. Employee engagement is priceless to any organisation and if an employee has a connection to what they do, in turn they will be more motivated to help the company achieve the goals set by the top. Therefore, it is essential to find out if your company culture matches your potential candidates.

Face-to-face interviews are great as they allow you to look beyond what is written on a CV. Take this opportunity to delve into the candidate’s character and pick questions to help you establish if their own values and ambitions match those of your organisation. The bottom line is, if your employees are engaged and happy, they are more likely to remain in the business longer, therefore establishing if their culture is aligned to yours is a crucial step to ensuring their longevity.

Provide Growth and Opportunity

The overarching theme of keeping someone on your company’s team long-term is providing opportunity for growth. Talented professionals want to work for a company that will help them to develop their skills and progress in their career, therefore developmental opportunities are key to ensuring you attract and retain the right type of people.

No one can see into the future and know what is going happen but taking the time to choose the right candidate from the offset can save you time and expense in the long run. If you need assistance in finding the ideal candidate, do not hesitate to get in touch. At Berkeley Scott we benefit from an in-house team of recruitment professionals that can deliver individually tailored candidate searches for you.