Stand Up for Food Month – Wrapped Up

Stand Up For Food Month is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean that collectively reducing food waste should end. Over the course of the year, billions of pounds of food is wasted by the hospitality industry alone. September is all about raising awareness, but the course of action and motivation to minimise waste should continue throughout the entire year to really generate a lasting impact.

We conducted our own mini-survey, where we asked people how much food they were likely to waste. We found that over 40% of people binned up to 25% of food every week. This highlights how the problem starts with us, and the difference that we can all make by making small changes and being more food waste-conscious!

One of the main culprits that are causing food to go into the bin is spoilage! Out-of-date ‘use by’ or spoiled food is obviously not edible, so what can be done to minimise this? The answer is better organisation. Time should be spent on reviewing and reporting how much of what different foods are actually going to be used. Of course – some is still going to be inevitably wasted – but ultimately, the less the better. Better for the environment, and better for the bank! This a step that hospitality organisations and individuals can both take.

Leftover waste is assumingly an easier issue to control for individuals at home, rather than businesses in the hospitality industry, as you can’t predict how much somebody else is going to eat. At home, you are able to notice and log patterns of your own eating habits, and if you’re wasting a lot of leftovers after meals, then fluctuate to smaller portions. If less food on your plate means too much left in the pan – then stick it in the fridge or freezer. For the hospitality industry, offering customers leftover takeaway options in sustainable containers is a solution to cut your wastage down.

These small and habitual changes can prevent the wastage of food – and ultimately, that is the end goal to take away from WRAP’s Stand Up For Food Month as it closes. You could say… that’s a WRAP!

We have gathered together our favourite posts from the campaign for you to ‘takeaway’ – so here they are:

The first post on our list is an article by This Week in Nothing too fancy, but very informative with statistics and loads to learn about the movement. Insightful, and very topical in the current times that we’re in.

Another article… Statistical and general information about the campaign which overall by Kitchen Cut, makes for a really nice read.

The truth behind best before dates, a rejuvenated blog by Collective Purchasing from 2017, but we think it can’t go a miss. Plenty of info to prevent wasting food when it’s simply unnecessary, and to encourage better habits with better knowledge. 

Finally – we’re finishing with some visual pieces from our own campaign at Berkeley Scott. We believe that the messages constructed in the following video and infographic are important – so we want to reinforce them!

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