Top Tips for Remote Working

Working from home is just one element of the new normal for a lot of us. Some companies may feel  that productivity actually improved while employees were working remotely and some may simply feel that it’s a safer option right now. Whatever the reason, we believe that working shouldn’t feel too different than usual, just because you’re not based at the office.  

Incorporating work into home can be challenging, and can feel like a big change (as if there hasn’t been loads to deal with already this year). Some even predict that remote working will become the future for those who can – after all there are loads of cons: no commute – meaning money saved, more friendly for the environment and extra time to sleep! Then of course there’s no scrambling around to find something to wear in the mornings or facing work with a heavy cold during the height of winter. As well as employee benefits, companies can save money where they’d usually pay for office space. However – you could miss the frequent office chats with your colleagues and working from home can often feel lonely. To help you make the most out of remote working, we have prepared a list of our top tips:

Experiment with your work set up

As humans we are creatures of habit, and just because you’ve set your laptop down in one place on day one, doesn’t mean that you have to stay there. Move around a bit until you find the most productive place for you. Everyone is different, some work better on the sofa and some work better at a desk or table – find what suits you.

Create work/home boundaries

You need to ensure a clear divide between working and unwinding at home, otherwise the stress can quickly build up. Avoid working from your bedroom if you can as you may find it harder to sleep at night. If you have the space then try to keep your work area solely for that, although that may be harder for some in smaller spaces.

Create a solid structure to your day

Although it’s not likely to go exactly to plan, try and create a daily schedule. Set time targets to spend on your tasks, and fit in your lunch break between them. Deadlines often equates to productivity and getting more done – so try and stick to them.

Set yourself clear responsibilities

You may already work from to-do lists, but they’re more important now than ever. Working from home can cause you to feel slightly out of the loop, so lists work well as a constant reminder of what needs to be done. Revolutionary!

Talk with your team regularly     

Staying in regular contact with your team is important – it will keep you in the flow and help you to avoid feeling isolated. Plus, good team communication equals better work completed in any scenario.

Dress comfortably for productivity – appropriate for zoom meetings

Get dressed! It sounds silly but staying in your pyjamas all day might make you feel sleepy and unproductive. Dress for comfort of course if you’re at home but it’s important that you feel awake. Remember – if you have video calls on Zoom or similar, then wear a work-friendly top – even if you are wearing oversized tracksuit bottoms and slipper socks out of sight!