Everyone loves a good horror story, and if you have been in recruitment long enough, I’m sure you will have a good few. With Halloween upon us, we thought we would ask our consultants to share some of their most shocking recruitment horror stories. 

1. Frightening First Encounters  

“I once went on a visit with my ex-colleague to a Manchester Client. We were all fired up, ready to win business. Best suits on and armed with business folders, as first impressions are so important! As the receptionist released the door, we walked in. Unfortunately, my colleague wobbled and didn’t move forward. One of her high heels was stuck in the grid by the entrance. The heel was just not budging!! All a bit awkward. Colleague ended up having to step out of her shoe while I tried to free it. It took a few minutes, and the heel broke under stress. Great! The client made light of it. We did still put our best foot forward. My colleague with one shoe!”

2. Morbid Meetings

“A while back, I went on a client visit. This particular client had a very tricky car park in front of the building with allocated bays. Just after I managed to park, I had to walk back to the main road to go to the reception. Just as I was walking, some crazy driver swung around and nearly took me off the pavement. Slightly shocked and frustrated, I made my feeling known to the driver as I was so annoyed by the sheer lack of consideration. I then proceeded to my meeting. I waited in reception on the 5th floor. Patiently I waited. I waited for a further 10 minutes. To my horror, the person I had just berated a few minutes earlier welcomed me in. Awkward wasn’t the word!!!”

3. Dreadful double booking

“When I first started in recruitment, I had every recruitment consultant’s worse nightmare. I doubled booked two candidates for an interview at the same time with the same hiring manager. It wasn’t until my candidate called me to let me know they had arrived at the interview, to be told by the receptionist that there must be a mistake as the interview had begun that I realised my mistake. You can say that I had to send my sincerest apologies to my client and candidate. Thankfully, they were both understanding, the interview was rescheduled, and my candidate got the role.”

4. Interviews from hell

“A couple of months ago, I had a candidate apply for a role, CV looked great, and we had a great chat over the phone. It seemed like he was an ideal candidate; therefore, I invited him in for an interview. Safe to say the interview was my worst interview to date. Not only did my candidate turn up with his mum, but he also insisted he could not take the interview without his mum being present. I put it down to nerves and decided to give him a chance and began the interview. Every time I asked him a question, his mum would interrupt and answer for him. I was convinced it couldn’t get any worse, oh it did, at the end of the interview, his mum offered to pay me a fee to hire her son. Fair to say, we never employed her son. The awkward conversation explaining why we would not be involved in bribery was horrifying.”

All five of our recruiting horror stories come from 5 competent and successful recruiters. Let’s face it; somethings can go wrong in the recruitment process. We hope our read makes you feel better about your slip-ups and awkward encounters.