On the Lookout for Kitchen staff in London?

Berkeley Scott is the agency you need when it comes to hiring kitchen staff, chefs and temporary chefs for your London based venue. Whether it is a restaurant, bar, cafe or hotel, we are experts in pairing kitchen staff with the perfect job description.

We know that London is known for its fashionable wine bars, eccentric boutique bars, classical dining and more. It is home to a wide range of restaurants offering numerous styles of cuisine.

We attract talented job seekers in the hotel, hospitality and catering industry, looking for work in London and the surrounding areas. We recruit people that will be the best fit for the jobs you’d like to fill. We recruit based on whether the person best fits the job brief, helping to maintain long-standing staff or to fill temporary positions.

We have the job searchers best interests at heart as well as the employer, to make sure the right match is made.

The Agency for Waiting Staff in London

People expect a level of service when they visit a venue, so we know that you need highly skilled waiting staff to be front of house of your restaurant, hotel or bar. Your waiting staff require stamina, enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. 

As your recruitment agency, we can find the people that will provide your guests with an enjoyable experience. Your waiting staff should be knowledgable, polite and well put together.

The Agency for Catering Staff in London

Catering staff are very much in demand in London, so it makes sense to use us as your recruitment agency to fill your catering staff positions with highly trained people who can deliver results each and every night. 

As your recruitment agency, we’ll canvas the London job seekers and match them with the appropriate job role. Whether you’re looking for chefs, sous chefs, kitchen staff and more. 

The Agency for Bar Staff in London

We know that the people of London know what they like and know what they want when it comes to visiting bars. We have talented mixologists on our books, looking to be paired with the perfect venue.

As your recruitment agency, we know you need staff that are up to the challenge and that know their cocktails from their mocktails.

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