Marketing your Staycation

With the whole of Britain taking staycations, many businesses in the Hospitality and Travel sector have had to rethink their offering, in the attempt to capitalise on this boost in domestic tourism. Here are what we think are some key things to be aware of when adapting your marketing strategy to target this increase in domestic travellers.

Localise your Marketing

With the impact of Covid-19 leading to more Brits choosing to holiday in the U.K., there is a great opportunity for many businesses to capitalise on the ‘Staycation’ trend. Businesses, however, need to be aware that domestic travellers are more likely to be selective as to where they spend their money and will be on the hunt for a trip that offers genuine value for money, especially if they are choosing a staycation not too far from home.

In order to attract domestic travellers, businesses need to make sure their offering is highly differentiated and one way of doing this is making the most of the local area and its own unique history and natural beauty.

Whether holiday goers want to chill out in the countryside or fancy a short city break, they already have in mind an ideal type of location when they start looking. This being said, one of the reasons they will be interested in your staycation is down to the location and its surroundings. So why not capitalise on this?

Try to give your guest an idea of what it’s like to live and breathe your destination, the key is to foster a personal connection with consumers and humanise your brand, therefore take advantage of the hidden gems in your local area throughout your marketing. Make use of local events, the best places to eat and drink and local amenities, as it will produce high levels of engagement from potential customers.

The Experience

When promoting your staycation it is important to recognise the difference between the desires of domestic tourists in comparison to international tourist. Whereas international tourists are concerned with sightseeing and more inclined to book accommodation based on a bed for the night, domestic tourists are looking for a place that creates a unique experience.

In the wake of Covid-19 people are even more inclined to want value for their money. Families, in particular, will want their money to go as far as possible, therefore think about how you can promote your staycation as a place where visitors can engage in fun, relax and still have a memorable experience, not too far from home. It is also important to bear in mind the guests who want to escape the confines of their own homes and simply just privately enjoy a change of scenery.

Be Authentic

Finally, you need to remember travellers will naturally be health-conscious when they travel in the immediate future, therefore when it comes to marketing in a post-COVID world, the right message targeted to the right traveller will be essential. Each customer’s comfort levels will be different and helping travellers understand and adjust to the changes in safe travel is definitely the first step.

When promoting your staycation it is best to assume the majority of travellers will be keen to limit interaction with others and make this part of how you refine your staycation packages.

As we all navigate the transition through Covid-19, the ability to address customers as individuals, and therefore strengthening relationships with each of them through relevant and valuable communications and offers will be extremely important for businesses in the Hospitality and Travel sector to win in the long term.

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