London hotel team has centuries on the job

A hotel proprietor took the opportunity to celebrate his long-serving hospitality workers last month. The team at this venue, combined, has over 250 years of experience working there. 

David Levin is the proprietor at The Capital in London, a five-star hotel, and has had that role there for 43 years. He was also general manager until 2010, when daughter Kate Levin took over that role.

"Staff loyalty is the measure of a healthy outfit. There is no better feeling than to travel the road with great and dependable colleagues within the operation of a family business," he said.

Among the hotel's staff is Derek Samuel, who has worked for the maintenance department for nearly 30 years.

Meanwhile, on the concierge desk, there is a combined 85 years of work at the hotel.

Clive Smith, the head concierge, has spent a quarter of a century at the venue, while fellow concierge desk member Graham Luff has been there 20 years, Joseph Romin-Portilla has been there 15, Abdennour Brahimi 14 and even Chris Oliver, the newest member of this part of the hotel team, has been there over a decade (11 years).

In the housekeeping team, there is a combined 75 years of time at the hotel.

Roy Wimbledon has been there for a quarter of a century, Carlos Costa for 17 years, Darida Rahli for 12 and Clara Pires Alvite for 11, while Justyna Skrzynecka has been there for ten years.

The pair in charge of front of house duties are Lorena Somera (11 years of work at The Capital) and Harald Duttie (12 years). Bar man Cesar Da Silva has been at the job for 18 years.

The Basil Street hotel boasts 49 bedrooms and eight apartments and suites next door. It was first founded in 1971 and its attractions include Outlaw's at The Capital, a Michelin-starred eatery.

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