Job hunting: The tools

There are a range of tools that are useful to the job hunter and most of them should be accessible even if you don't yet own them yourself.

Here are some of what you would likely call the 'essentials' when it comes to the application process, as well as some other things we think could be very useful.

The tech

You will need access to the right technology to be able to lay out and produce a neat CV – for many, this will mean a desktop or laptop.

You'll also need an internet connection, since many jobs are advertised and can be applied for online these days. If you're worried that you don't have the equipment you need at home, consider some of the other options – for example, your local library will probably provide computers for public use.

You will want to have an email account with a sensible, professional address (such as a version of your real name) which you can check regularly. You may well be invited for an interview via email, while interview and job offers often come via phone, too, so ensure you have a phone number you can put onto your CV.

The paper

Sometimes paper CVs still have a role to play, even when a lot of the job hunt happens electronically. You may well want to invest in high quality paper that will make a good impression. Again, if you don't have your own printer, don't panic. Your library is one example of somewhere that might be able to help, and even asking a friend if you can borrow a printer to produce some CV copies could be a good option.

An interview outfit

If you're on the job hunt, it may be best not to simply throw together an outfit as and when an interview comes up. Instead, if you're going to interviews regularly, you could benefit from having the basics ready and waiting in case you need them at short notice: For example, a smart pair of trousers, shirt and tie for men.

When you come home from one interview, have your outfit clean and ready to wear again as soon as possible. You never know how fast your next meeting might come up. Clearly, you may want to change your outfit somewhat for different types of interview but having the foundations of your wardrobe available at all times is a real plus.

A travel budget

If you are going to attend interviews only in your immediate area, travel may not be an issue. However, costs can mount if you want to look for jobs further afield. Ideally, put aside some money that you will be able to draw on if you need to take a trip to another city at short notice. And remember that it's okay to ask if the people interviewing you will reimburse this.

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