Job Hunting Post Lockdown

The world of work is undergoing dramatic changes before our eyes. This new era has seen a paradigm shift that has moved power away from candidates to potential employers. Before the pandemic, candidates had the upper hand in the hiring process, whereas we now find ourselves in a market with an abundance of candidates for each new role advertised. This shift in the job market forces candidates to compete amongst each other more forcefully, further empowering the hiring manager. Yes, organisations will leverage this large supply of candidates to their advantage, for example demanding a high threshold of requirements, however, this doesn’t mean candidates should depreciate their value and aspirations when seeking a new role. There are still many opportunities for candidates in the new era of work. Here are some things to consider when applying for roles in a post-pandemic market:  


While organisations will use their power to set the bar high, it is important as a candidate not to forget your own self-worth when evaluating if an opportunity is right for you. According to personal finance advisor and entrepreneur Ramit Sethi, this means shifting your mindset from that of ‘job seeker’ to ‘top performer’. The New York Times bestselling author told ‘CNBC Make Itthat “The common thing that candidates do is they approach the interview with the mental model that they’re trying to land the job.” whereas “Top performers know that they are evaluating the company as much as the company is evaluating them.” (CNBC, Self-made millionaire Ramit Sethi: Avoid this common mistake when job hunting during the pandemic, 2020). 

Bear this in mind when applying for roles in the new era of work. Have confidence in yourself, acknowledge the value of your skills and experience, and head into the interview with a positive mental attitude.  


The current state of the job market means that job seekers are more likely to apply for roles that previously they may not have considered. It will mean that candidates may have to be more open to applying for a wider range of job roles. Trying something new isn’t necessarily a bad thing and a change in your career path, in the long run, may hold greater opportunities. However, the one thing not to forget when applying for any role is to do your research! With the majority of hiring managers now receiving more than double the applicants to their roles, it is more important than ever to stand out. Therefore, researching the role you’re applying for and interview preparation is vital. 

As opposed to applying for countless roles with a generalised strategy, consider focusing your attention on a couple at a time so that you can allocate time tailoring your application specifically to each one making your application stand out.  


As we move into a new post-pandemic world of work, the skills expectations of employers are transforming. Hiring strategies of many organisations previously focused on a candidate’s critical skills or their capability of meeting the company’s strategic goals. The attention has moved towards the skills needed to drive competitive advantage. As we are forced to discover new practices and different ways of collaborating, a candidate’s ability to integrate quickly and adapt is seen as invaluable. Adaptability and flexibility will, therefore, be a key attribute of most job requirements post-COVID; make sure to bear this in mind when writing your CV and preparing for your interviews. 

In summary, if you’re currently on the hunt for a new role, make sure you consider the things mentioned throughout this post, keep a positive mindset, do your research and demonstrate your ability to adapt. Although the current job landscape may seem daunting, recruitment is still on the minds of most organisations and therefore still presents many opportunities. If you need help on your post-COVID job hunt, with over 30 years’ experience in recruitment we have plenty of tips and guidance. Get in touch and our consultants will be on hand to help you every step of the way.