How will the 2012 Olympics affect London’s restaurants?

With the countdown to the start of the 2012 London Olympics rapidly reaching its conclusion, restaurants, cafes and bars around the capital are likely to be searching for people to fill vacant catering jobs.

According to Spencer Skinner, executive chair of home food delivery service Deliverance, eateries in London are being forced to become more innovative so that they can reach out to as many potential customers as possible this summer.

While this could provide an ideal opportunity for restaurants to hike their prices, the focus is set to be on offering quality food for good value.

"I think the trade is pretty excited about the Olympics, as we’re going to get lots of people coming into London and it's going to be a good opportunity to showcase some of the great, innovative products and restaurants we've got," he remarked.

"I'm not sure we're going to see a huge amount of price rises – I've heard some restaurant groups talking about opportunities to charge more, but I think a lot will still be trying to provide good value."

Most restaurants want to avoid being perceived as exploiting Olympics tourists and would prefer to look after their loyal customers who return after the sporting event has come to an end.

But could the influx of visitors to London's restaurant scene actually impact on profits? Mr Skinner believes the popularity of discount vouchers has led to problems for a lot of operators, although consumers now seem to be using these money-off schemes less.

"What we've seen generally is consumers saying 'we want more value, we expect more value'. Good operators are therefore providing it, and I think what we're going to see is people offering more," he commented.

"Sensible operators will be saying 'if you're a more regular customer let us offer you more food or help you in other ways'."

More than four million extra people are expected to flock to London between July 27th and September 9th, which could create extra hospitality work to cope with increased demand.

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