How to attract Christmas temps in the hospitality and restaurant industry

Christmas is the time of year that the hospitality and restaurant industry tends to recruit for Christmas temps to ready themselves for the busiest time of year. The festive period provides an excellent opportunity to attract new talent to the industry and to join the workforce for a temporary amount of time.

Flexible focus

Part-time positions are especially attractive to students, those looking for flexible working hours and as an option for those seeking second jobs. These types of employees are happy to slot in when they are needed, taking shifts that need to be filled and being available last minute as well as on a regular basis over the Christmas period.

In order to attract employees into these positions, you need to provide a flexible work model, with an interchangeable rota. Although Christmas temps will be on the lookout for hours they can pick up over the festive period, they’ll want to be able to work around studies, social events, family life and more.

Christmas temps need to be provided with benefits in the same way that full-time members of staff are. They are assisting at one of the times of year that is high pressured and busier than usual. They need to have an incentive and be made to feel like part of the wider team in order to have a cohesive and team-work lead environment.

It is worth providing Christmas temp roles to those that are looking to gain experience in the hospitality or restaurant industry. This does include taking on staff that have no prior experience and that will require basic training on the lead up to the festive period. To keep training costs down you can simply partner full-time employees up with these Christmas temps to make sure they are learning on the job and getting the help and support they need.

Winter workers are still ambassadors

Although your Christmas temps are for the Winter period only, it’s important to instil the same values and mission in them as you do with your full-time staff members. Building brand pride through the people that work for you is of utmost importance as they interact with your customers and clientele. Your staff represents your brand, and so your Christmas temps should be given the opportunity to really learn about your business, get to grips with your mission statement and be offered relevant training in order to do so.

During the festive period, it might be worth checking in with your managerial staff members to make sure they are aware of the on boarding process and what is expected of them when it comes to taking on Christmas temps. The manager should be the one to greet them, give them an overarching idea of what will be expected of them before they are partnered with a member of the team to carry out basic training. Christmas temps will need to be made to feel as though they can come to the manager if they need to, and know that they are appreciated for the work they are carrying out.

Not just for Christmas…

The world of hospitality and restaurants is a vibrant and lively place to work. Christmas temps can not only come away from your company having enjoyed working over the Christmas period and having made friends, but they can also take away valuable transferable skills that can be used to build a career in hospitality. 

It’s important here to stress to any prospective Christmas staff members that the possibilities from this experience are endless. Every country in the world needs staff for the hospitality industry, widening career opportunities, travel opportunities and discovering new places, cultures, and people. This is a particularly exciting and inspiring selling point for students who have the option of gap years and may look for hospitality work in the holidays between their studies.

It’s important to not shy away from the fact that working in the restaurant and hospitality sector is not easy. It is a high energy job, shift-based with some times unsociable hours, involving a lot of time on your feet, oftentimes being customer-facing and needing you to keep your appearance well put together and your head cool. But it’s also a rewarding career opportunity with a lot of opportunities for advancement, progression, and enjoyment.

Christmas temps can gain experience over a short period of time, and be considered as a regular temp in times of need when extra staff members are required for busier times of years, events and more.

Even if people are only going to work with you for a short time, they will want to know the short, medium and long term benefits to them. To do this, make sure your job ad sells the experience of working for your company, provides incentives and highlights the skills that staff members will take away from working for you.