Hotel operations management interview tips

Hotel operations managers oversee the entire operations of an establishment. They deal with security, services, HR and varying upon the role, multiple other supervisory elements encompassed in the day-to-day running of a hotel.  

Although the career track may vary among most candidates, be it from a food and beverage back round, rooms or sales, a deep experience of the hotel industry is vital. Understanding the industry at a general view will help you to answer each question knowledgeably, and after some in-depth research apply this knowledge personally to your potential employer.

When arriving at an interview, you want to be looking and feeling your best. So we’re here to give you a couple of tips on how to prepare yourself for your hotel operations management interview.

Research Tips

Understand who the customers are – what do they want/expect from the hotel?

Understand what the hotel represents – what’s their USP? How do they want to be viewed by their customers?

Find out what you like in particular about the hotel – what attracts you to work there?

Use your contacts – Do you know someone in / working with the company ?Ask for insider info.

Get online – Use the company website/news/social media/LinkedIn to widen your understanding.

Get to know the competitors – Show an insight into the company’s industry partners and rivals.

Potential Operational Manager Questions

How have your ideas improved operations at other companies? What impact did they have?

How do you handle employees who resist change? How do you motivate others?

As you analyse current processes, what information do you look at? How do you identify problems and solutions?

As efficiency and productivity increase, how do you ensure quality is maintained?

What role do other managers and departments play in processes analysis and improvement?

Describe your previous hotel. What was the capacity? Who were your customers? What were their expectations?

If you were starting work at a new hotel tomorrow, what would you do to get up to speed on hotel operations?

How have you saved time or reduced cost at your current/previous hotel/department? How do you manage budgets? 

Have you participated in negotiating contracts from small or large vendors? How do go about it and have you succeeded?

How do you oversee the training of hotel staff?

How did your previous hotel handle guest complaints?

What does good guest service mean to you?

What does successful communication mean to you when dealing with different organisational functions/departments?

What do you think is the skill set you need to possess to be successful? (Describe your management style or philosophy.)

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list of questions – it’s a head start to get you thinking in the right direction for your interview. Here at Berkeley Scott with have a great hotel recruitment team on hand who are always ready to help you take the next step in your career. So if you are looking to take up a new role in hotel operations, get in touch today!