How to write a job specification

The following is an outline of what a good job specification should contain

Position Title: Both the internal position and if it is ‘internal jargon’ the position as it would be viewed externally.

Location: Which particular office/town and how much travel will be involved.

Remuneration: Also include all the benefits available.

Hours: How many hours a week and a comment about flexibility if this is offered (beyond your legal duties)

Reporting: Who will the post holder report to. In addition lay out any man management responsibilities the post holder will have.

Purpose: This is the most important part of the specification- what the person should accomplish or be aiming to achieve.

Duties: A general overview of what the main duties of the post holder will be. Avoid being too prescriptive or narrow, so as not to limit what you can expect in the future and it allows for people to become entrepreneurial in their role.

Evaluation: How you will measure whether the purpose is achieved.

Experience: Any skills, qualifications or personal qualities you required. Separate these between essential experience and desired experience.

Personal: Explain any philosophy or attitude your organisation holds that you hope people will share.