Recruitment Advice

The Importance Of Interview Technique

It is estimated 80 per cent of staff turnover is caused by bad hiring decisions and that it costs one-third of a new employee’s salary to recruit them, when you take into account the money spent on recruitment, a manager’s time, and training.

Diversity in interviewing

Interviewing prospective staff can be as stressful situation for both the applicants and interviewers, as you are always conscious of staying on the right side of anti-discrimination legislation.

You would be breaking the law if you discriminated against an applicant in relation to their gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, disability, status as a married person or a civil partner, pregnancy, maternity leave, union membership or age.

If more than one person is conducting the interview, it is a good idea for them to meet in advance to agree the questions to put to applicants, ensuring they always relate to the role.

Effective Job Description

A good quality Job Description needs not only to communicate what responsibilities the job entails and the skills needed to perform it, but it should also be a marketing document, designed to attract the best in Digital Marketing talent to your business.

Put yourself in a candidate’s shoes – would you apply to a business with a shoddy, unclear Job Description, or a business that takes pride in all their external communications with an informative, helpful document?

The job spec should be a representation of your business, highlighting business strengths, opportunities and giving reason for top candidates to take the time to apply – after all this could be the first piece of communication they may have received from the business, so it needs to make an impact!