Chefs Skills Expression

For a chef, their job isn’t just a means to an end. A career in cuisine is a creative calling, a passion that can be equal parts stressful and fulfilling. The opportunity to be inventive, expressive and get paid for it is the draw for many chefs.

But for a chef, it’s not always a clear path to get to fulfil the aspiration of being a creative powerhouse in the kitchen. There are a number of factors that will contribute to whether a chef feels they are getting this level of fulfilment from their work.

If you want your chefs to be engaged, productive and to stay in post longer, read on to discover how to stimulate their desire to express their skills.

Leadership and Management Skills

Your kitchen needs a strong leader to make sure the output is top quality. There’s no room in the kitchen for disorganisation when turning out quality cuisine requires a whole team of people working together with the same vision.

If you want your top chefs to take the reins and impress their style on to the rest of the team, they’ll need your support and backing. A little bit of public reinforcement, showing that you’re committed to your head chef’s way of doing things will give them a huge boost in getting their team on board.

Make sure that your team support each other, know what direction they’re heading in and you’ll reap the benefits quickly – not least of all by keeping your top talent happy.

Focused pressure

Controlling the inherent chaos found in most kitchens can be one of the most challenging entities a chef’s role entails. Time is precious when you’re trying to make sure orders get out on time, and a chef needs to be able to keep their cool.

The kitchen can be a stressful environment, but if you’re working towards something rewarding, it will give your team a boost to see a night successfully completed.

Remind your team, and especially your chefs, that they are working towards delivering their own unique vision and they will work harder to realise it.

Decisive discipline

As a chef, you’re more than likely going to be the first to arrive and the last to leave. From stock decisions to maintaining hygiene standards, constructing menus, and culinary creations, a day in the life of a chef can be nonstop.

By allowing them to execute their own creative vision in the kitchen, you can benefit on the logistic side. A chef who is working to their own plan can make faster decisions on these day-to-day elements, instead of constantly having to second guess or check with someone else what the right path is.

You can find that this work becomes part of the flow of things for a chef who is empowered to flex their skills in the kitchen, that the minutiae becomes more important to them when they are taking pride in their work.

Each chef will have different priorities on what is most important to them and how they react to being given creative licence.

The risk of giving some control over is far outweighed by the benefit of achieving a motivated team delivering higher-quality output. You’ll win loyalty from those who are hardest to recruit, and this is likely to spread across the team.

If you’re looking to recruit great chefs that you want to make sure you keep hold of, give us a call and talk to one of our experienced, specialist teams.