Stock Replenishment-temp-W-S-M-£9/£11ph
£9 - 11 per hour

We have shifts available now!!!We need stock replenishment staff to help restock the shelves in this supermarket in Weston-Super-Mare. Various shifts available, pay rate from £9 to...


Bar Staff-Temp Work-Bristol
£8.36 - 8.91 per hour + WEEKLY PAY

BAR STAFF REQUIRED FOR TEMP WORK - Bristol area - £8.36/£8.91PHWe are looking for experienced BAR...


£8.36 - 8.91 per hour + WEEKLY PAY

CATERING AND GENERAL ASSISTANTS NEEDED – TEMP WORK – IN BristolWe are looking for Catering and G.A.'s with previous experience to register...




Q: How often will I get paid?
A: You are paid weekly. Pay day falls on a Friday for work completed in the previous working week. Your timesheet needs to be with Berkeley Scott by 12pm Monday to ensure you will be paid on the Friday.
Q: Can I book holiday?
A: Yes you can, but we ask you to give us as must notice as possible so that we are able to find a replacement.
Q: Am I entitled to holiday pay?
A: For temporary workers the more hours you work the more holiday pay you will earn. All workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks worth of holiday pay per year. As a rough guide 12.08% of your hourly rate is accrued for every hour which you work with us.
Q: How do I get my holiday pay?
A: Simple, let your consultant know when you would like to receive this and we will process it all for you.
Q: Who do I send my timesheet to?
A: You need to send your timesheet to the office you registered with, this can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Drop it off in person to your consultant Monday-Fri day between 7am and 5pm
  • Post it through the letter box if the office is closed
  • Scan and fax it across to the number shown on the timesheet itself. (Remember if you are scanning it check your scanner is not set too high/ dark!)
  • Scan and email it across to your consultant, their email address will be on the business card they gave you

It’s important to make sure your timesheet is signed by your line manager and with us by 12pm on Monday. For full details on how to fill out your timesheet accurately, please take a look at our guide.

Q: What should I do if I don’t feel very well?
A: Call us immediately and let us know. If you can’t get us on the office number, we ask that you don’t leave a voice message. You can also call us on the emergency ‘out of hours’ mobile number, just ask your consultant for details.
Q: What do I need to wear?
A: Please refer to our ‘Uniform Checklist’ for a detailed list across all temporary roles.
Q: What if I change my mind about a shift?
A: If you accept a shift, we expect you to attend. If you really have to cancel you must give us enough notice to find a replacement. Failure to do so will mean we may stop offering you work.
Q: I am new to England and haven’t had my National Insurance interview yet. Do I need to have it before I can start work?
A: You can begin work without having your NI number, but we ask that you provide us with this as soon as possible.
Q: I haven’t opened a bank account in England yet, how will I be paid?
A: We can pay you by cheque until your account is opened. We also have an arrangement with a local bank which will allow you to cash your cheque.
Q: What are the advantages of temp work?
A: There are many advantages these include:

  • You can test out different roles without committing to the long-term
  • It’s an ideal way to earn some extra cash for a short period of time, such as the run up to a holiday
  • It is a perfect way of gaining experience and meeting new people that could leave to a more permanent offer of work