Creating your Hospitality Dream Team


The high turnover rate throughout the hospitality industry is making it even more difficult for managers to create their hospitality dream team. In an industry where your staff are the driving force of your business, having a valuable team is crucial to your success.

Customers are the heart of the hospitality industry, where your business relies on you to exceed the customers’ expectations and create a sense of satisfaction. When your customers walk through the door, your employees have the opportunity to add value to their experience through their 1-2-1 interactions throughout their stay.

Whilst it may be notoriously difficult to find and retain the perfect brigade in the revolving-door industry of hospitality, we have gathered some of the key attributes to consider when looking for your ideal candidates.

 ‘Must have a desire to make people happy’- 

Working in hospitality can be demanding both physically and mentally. No matter what time of the day it is or how many hours you have been working, the customer’s needs are always the priority. Whether you’re looking for a general manager or a plate waiter, finding individuals with a strong willingness to make people happy will significantly add value to your business.

The use of open-ended questions in the interview process can be one way of identifying the candidate’s motives; an example Interview question may be – “Why do you want to work for us?”  The question gives the candidate the freedom to display their passion for hospitality.  You are looking for someone who can attach their own goals, such as customer satisfaction to the prosperity of the company.

Must have the ability to stay calm under pressure’ – 

Stressful situations are daily occurrences within the hospitality industry. It goes without saying when working in hospitality you are going to be bombarded with demands from owners, employees, and customers all at once. It is, therefore, the employee’s ability to stay calm under pressure and manage their stress levels that can make them the ideal candidate.

More often than not, the rewarding feeling when a customer is satisfied with their experience outweighs the stressful situations. This is, however, dependent on the prior selection of a candidate who has demonstrated in an interview that they have experience in coping with stressful situations.

Asking a candidate to describe “how they have resolved an encounter with a different culture” is a great question when assessing their ability to deal with challenging tasks. In their answer, you are looking for positive affirmations; the question allows the candidate to display their ability to maintain a respectful, positive attitude no matter how challenging the customer may be.

Must be a team player’ –

Employees at every level in hospitality have a significant part to play in adding value to the service provided. An employee needs to recognise the importance of their contribution to the team and work with their colleagues to accomplish repeatedly great results. 

Competency-based questions are a great way of assessing teamworking skills. When it comes to evaluating a candidate’s ability to be a team player, their past performance is a great indicator.  Getting your candidate to provide a real-life example of when they have had to work as a team to overcome a challenging task will allow you to dive into their past and find out if they could potentially work well within your organisation.

Unlike other industries, the hospitality industry is not solely about the profits of the organisation. Instead, it is about creating a team that can work together and equally contribute to providing a high-quality service time and time again.

We have specialist consultants in all areas of hospitality on hand to help create that dream team you are looking for.