5 Tips to Help you Break into Management in the Hospitality Industry

Unlike many industries, the hospitality industry can be relatively easy to find a role in, with a wide range of career opportunities for inexperienced individuals with access to onsite training, making it a popular career path for many. However, progressing in the field to management level can take hard work, dedication, and pure passion for the industry. General Managers of hotels have usually experienced almost every job in a hotel, whether that be a waiter, kitchen porter, or cleaner, whereas others see rapid career advancement. We have gathered a couple of key points to help you break the hospitality industry and get the management position you aspire.

Understand the type of job you want

There are 2 sides within the hospitality industry, the operational side, which consists of all the front line jobs and then the corporate side where you will find positions such as finance, HR, and marketing. Both sides of the industry offer opportunities for progression; the sooner you know which area you want to specialise in, the quicker you can begin to work your way up the ladder. Having a strong sense of what type of job you want will help you to determine your efforts in the right direction.

Starting from the bottom 

Hospitality industry professionals understand and value all levels of the business. Most of the people that have ended up in top-level jobs within the industry have started at the bottom. It is crucial when working in the industry you understand the ladder; it may be a case of taking the low-level jobs, to begin with, to get your foot in the door. The hospitality industry is brimming with strong career opportunities for hardworking, ambitious individuals. However, your entry role may not be what you desire, remember that this doesn’t have to be permanent, it gets you on the ladder, and once you’re in hospitality you’re in. Take your first role seriously, go the extra mile and prove your worth, and you will be on your way to acquiring the more high-level position you aspire.


Networking is a great way to access leads to potential jobs in management. Although this is also the case in most industries, having valuable contacts in the hospitality industry can get you far. Aside from the obvious benefits of networking, such as making friends with key decision-makers there are many other ways it can help you progress in your hospitality career. Through networking, you will have the opportunity to learn from others who have gone before you, listening and taking advice from others who are further along in their careers holds significant advantages when trying to better yourself.


Working in hospitality can be demanding both physically and mentally, and people can enter the industry with no idea of its demanding culture. The level of demand will only grow alongside your employment status, the more people you become responsible for, the higher levels of commitment required. At the management level, you will be the one to set the personal standards of excellence in this demanding culture; this will require self-confidence in your performance standards in order to reinforce them to the people below you. While you are in the process of trying to get to the managerial level, you must take the time to recognise and help build your self-confidence. Whether that be through the support of your boss, your family, or even a professional mentor, no matter how successful you are as an individual, you will need self-confidence when you become responsible for making others successful.

Enrolling into further education

As discussed, there are many other ways of working yourself up in the hospitality industry, but having a relevant qualification can be an added bonus and can help you stand out. There are many industry-recognised degrees available to students at entry-level; however, the level of worth of acquiring a degree is an argumentative subject throughout the industry. Some would argue it is not worth the investment when the opportunity is there to climb the ladder without one. Traditionally the industry is known for its learning on the job culture, and having the experience in entry-level jobs is valued by many. On the other hand, hospitality degrees are designed for career advancement and could make you stand out in the competitive industry, along with the potential of getting you an increased salary.

Course options: 

  • The bachelor’s degree in hospitality management.
  • The global master’s degree.
  • The MBA in hospitality.

If you need assistance in finding your dream role, then get in touch, we can help towards finding you the managerial role you deserve, and if you’re not ready just yet, we can find you a role that gets you on the right path for progression.