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5 Hospitality trends of 2018

Before looking into what the future holds for the hospitality industry this coming year, we thought it would be an opportune time to reflect on the significant trends of 2018 and some of the things that shaped the hospitality world into what it is today.

Alternative Accommodations

One popular choice for alternative travel accommodation in 2018 was the likes of Airbnb, who have made home sharing increasingly accessible to everyone. Hotel chains such as Hyatt, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and Accor began to invest in offering guests more options than a stay in their hotel rooms. For example, Marriot Hotel partnered up with home rental management company Hostmaker to offer home sharing services that offer the comfort of a private apartment, with the service and safety of a top hotel brand. Travellers are constantly searching for individual experiences and evolving services. The investment and partnerships which hotels are creating to offer alternative accommodation allow them to keep up with the competition.

Health and Well Being

Consumers are more conscious than ever about their health. Hotels have been responding by ensuring they offer quality fitness centres, healthy food options and spa facilities. Hilton’s five feet to fitness have even brought fitness to an incredibly personally measure by offering in-room fitness equipment and technology. Additionally, restaurant’s found themselves expanding their menus, not only to create healthier meals but also to accommodate for the rising trend in vegetarianism and veganism by serving tastier options. Top restaurant chains such as Zizzi’s, Bills and Gourmet Burger Kitchen now offer great vegan options to cater for this change.

Social Media promotion & Interior Design

Although not subject to 2018 alone, social media and self-promotion from guests and companies have created a key source of online recognition within the hospitality industry. A vital part of Café Élan’s success derives from its beautiful interior and ‘Instagramable’ appearance, driving social influencers to share pictures of the restaurant voluntarily, in turn creating a buzz for people to come and visit the café.  Brands such as Virgin Atlantic and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts have been partnering with social influencer’s and have increased the content of enviable holiday pictures on their own pages to market their services and reach consumers through social media.

Big data

Big Data analytics helps an organisation gauge a better idea as to who their customers are and how they will be spending their money. Big Data collects more than how much the customer spends but also additional information such as their individual meal preferences, special requests, social media posts and services utilised.  Over time hotels are able to identify the potential customer’s lifetime value and can essentially tailor their upselling strategies to boost their revenue from future purchases.


Redefining the hotel guest experience, chatbots are providing a unique way for guests to solve their issue and answer their questions without the need for human interaction. Hotels are taking advantage of developments in technology with chatbots who can hyper-personalise recommendations, talk in multiple languages and boost customer loyalty by encouraging consumers to interact with the brand.


There is no doubt that these 5 changes will continue to push the hospitality industry into exciting directions, with technology creating fresh opportunities and a wider variety of choices being offered to the consumer; It is a great time to get involved in the hospitality sector. Next week we will be looking to what the predictions are for the trends within industry coming up for 2019.

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