Hospitality jobs

10 jobs that are just plain weird

Tired of the nine-to-five? Can’t face another morning fighting traffic? Business meetings driving you insane?

Why not jack it all in and earn your living doing something a little more obtuse?

Here are 10 job alternatives that are just plain … weird.

1 – Scuba-diving pizza delivery guy
There’s an underwater hotel in Florida where guests can order pizza. The pizza is made on the land and delivered by a scuba-diver in a watertight box. How does he get the moped to work under water … ?

2 – Full-time Netflix viewer
It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it. There are people at Netflix who are paid to watch all site content before it’s made available to subscribers. They then have to tag each piece of content to help Netflix find content that individual subscribers are most likely to be interested in.

3 – Professional sleeper
Most firms would sack you for sleeping on the job, but one hotel in Finland pays you for it. The hotel has a member of staff who tests a different hotel bed each night and rates the quality of the sleep they experience.

4 – Dog food taster
Any food-tasting job must be a winner, as you surely cut down on your grocery bills if you have such a job. However, having to taste dog food … ? In this role, food must be tested for texture and flavour before being released onto the market and into Fido’s bowl. A liking for long walks and chasing sticks is of benefit.

5 – Train pusher
Only in Japan … train companies hire people to literally shove people onto trains. These ‘Oshiyas’ are tasked with getting as many people as they can crammed into trains before the doors close.

6 – Snake milker
Snake venom is used for a number of purposes, including the creation of anti-venoms. Someone’s got to get that venom out of a snake, of course …

7 – Odour judge
Testing odours might not seem such a terrible way to make a living, but odour testers need to test products designed for human breath, feet and armpits. Which of course means you need to smell people’s breath, feet and armpits. Not a job to turn one’s nose up at.

8 – Drying paint watcher
A job that’s almost as boring as watching cricket! There’s a guy in the UK who is paid to paint sheets of cardboard and then watch to observe the texture and colour of the paint as it dries.

9 – Professional mourner
Superstition in South East Asia dictates that the more people who attend a person’s funeral, the easier it will be for the deceased to pass to the afterlife. Professional mourners can be hired to help bump up the numbers.

10 – Marmite Taster
Marmite’s tag line is you either ‘love it or hate it’ – well, one guy employed by Marmite must love it as he’s eaten around 3,000 jars of the thick brown stuff in 30 years. His role is to check each and every batch of Marmite produced to see if it is consistent in texture and flavour.