Would I lie to you?: What to avoid on a hospitality job application

When filling in applications for hospitality jobs or sending off your CV to employers, the options are limitless to how you can present yourself. However, there are certain things that you should avoid at all costs. In this tough economic climate, where hundreds will apply for a single vacancy, it is important not only to impress potential bosses, but to not give them a reason to reject your application.

Living with a lie

You would be surprised at how many people will blatantly lie just to secure that all-important interview. Peers may argue that lies have not only got them the interview but the job itself, but at some point down this path, it is likely that you will be caught out.

In your application, you will want to be honest with what experience and qualifications you have whilst how such attributes have established transferable skills. If you lie on your application and forget about it, it will be obvious to your employer during the interview that you will be hesitating for an answer or trying to think of something on the spot. Honesty is always the best policy, and if you feel like your experience is not strong enough, then you should be focusing on this in the long run.

Lying will also include being vague with your claims. By using stock phrases such as ‘I work well within a team’ or simply stating that you held a generic position, you will be suggesting that you are trying to hide an actual lack of experience. It is important to offer full details of exactly what you have done, being truthful at all times. Testimonials and references from fellow colleagues are always great ways to prove not only your past achievements, but the fact that you can back up what you say.

Living with gaps

If you have a glaring gap in your application, employers will spot it out. Whether it was a period of time between jobs, or between when you left employment and entered education, you will be asked in the interview about it.

This does not mean that you need to make up an elaborate story about why. In this difficult time, there are many people facing unemployment, but it is vital that you speak about how you used this time efficiently. If you used this time to travel, then be sure to mention it as a time when you were able to gain independency skills. The last thing bosses want to see is a big gap, and if you do not explain honestly, employers will make assumptions themselves.

Living with detail

There is a thing as being too detailed however. There will be a reason why you left your last job, but do not go in too much depth about it on your application. The interview will be a good time to discuss this issue, but never criticise the company you used to work for as this is simply not good practice.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to mention hobbies outside of work but your employers will not want to know every detail of your life. If you have doubts about something, it is usually a good sign to cut it out.

Applying for hospitality jobs can be a nifty business. However, by offering both detail and honesty to the table, you will be one step closer to filling that all-important vacancy.

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