Wimbledon hotel prices up during the tennis

Wimbledon hotel prices have spiked by up to 114 per cent during the current Tennis competition, it has been reported.

On June 20th, hotel search site trivago released its latest Hotel Price Index. This also showed that staying in a hotel for a single night mid-tournament comes with a average price tag of £205.

Based on average prices, the week before the tournament or after it that price would be a much lower £125.

Prices were found to have doubled for yesterday, June 23rd, up 103 per cent to £236 for an overnight stay on the tournament's first Monday.

The final of the tournament didn't claim the title of most expensive night for hotel stays, though.

Monday June 30th took this title, when the average overnight stay costs £249, 114 per cent more than the average of the Mondays just before and after the tennis event.

Meanwhile, for European cities more generally, hotel prices have gone down month-on-month. This comes at a time of year when they face increased use of beach resorts from consumers, trivago suggests.

trivago's Denise Bartlett has commented: "Last month, hotel prices in Lisbon peaked at an average of £1,171 for the Champions League."

She later added: "Compared to the price hikes in Lisbon last month, Wimbledon hotel prices are fairly reasonable. One night during the tournament will cost an average of £205 and prices have only doubled on two days of the tournament."

She said that the tournament's first and second Mondays were the most costly days, which suggested that Monday is popular when it comes to a day of which to take-in the event.

Andy Murray will be hoping to do well at Wimbledon this year, especially considering that he became Men's Singles Champion at the event in 2013.

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