Why hospitality?

It has been reported that just over two million people in the UK work in the hospitality sector. Being such a popular field to develop a career, hospitality jobs are leaving the market like, well, hotcakes. But why choose hospitality?

Why is it perfect for me?

When working in the sector, you will find that it is very easy to climb up the ladder quickly. If you work hard in hospitality jobs, gain your necessary qualifications and try to stand out from the crowd, it won’t be long until you are soon ordering your own staff about. If hard work does not scare you, this definitely is the field for you.

Whilst stability and routine is a good thing, the ‘nine-to-five’ schedule is not for everyone. Offering flexible working hours and variety in routine, the sector will allow you to always be thinking on your toes.

On top of all of this, you will enjoy great perks such as interacting constantly with a variety of characters, potentially meeting celebrities and getting the chance to sample gourmet dishes. Oh the life.

Why is it perfect for others?

When working in a restaurant or hotel, you need to always remind yourself that you are offering a service. You will be making strangers’ day better through your work, which is often much more rewarding than reaching monthly targets and making spreadsheets.

Furthermore, you will probably be popping a smile on your colleague’s faces. Many within the hospitality field will argue that, bar the odd one or two, many enjoy their jobs because the whole concept of the industry lies on being friendly to customers. Many of your fellow staff will probably be some of the nicest and lively people you will meet.

Why is it perfect for the future?

The hospitality sector will enable you to gain transferable skills that can then be adopted if you choose the move up the ladder either in the same or another field. There is so much scope in the sector that you can shift from being a receptionist to a concierge within a few years. You could even move to another country, as you can be guaranteed that every nation will have a hospitality industry.

Unlike other fields, there is also a very clear route in. As long as you gain accepted qualifications at entry-level, you can train as you work. Furthermore, there is a sense of the industry stabilising in this tough economic climate. Bob Cotton, CEO of the British Hospitality Association, said:  "The past 12 months have been some of the most difficult the [hospitality] industry has experienced for many years, but it is noticeable that both hotels and restaurants are surviving, largely unscathed."

So why hospitality? Well we would say: why not!

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