Why am I ‘failing’ all these interviews?

So you're at the stage where many of your applications result in interviews. You can be pretty sure that your CV and covering letters, and your technique on application forms, are doing the job. But despite a host of tries, you've still yet to snare a new position from your efforts – is there something going wrong at interview?

It may not be you

It's important to keep in mind in this situation that the way things are going might not be anything to do with you. You may be interviewing for jobs where there's a fair bit of competition to content with, for example. But if that's the case, there's perhaps all the more reason to ensure you're absolutely on top of what you need to be doing in an interview to knock it out of the park.

Remember, too, that you're not 'failing' just because you didn't get the job, even if things could have gone better if you'd been more clued-up on interview technique. Every interview that doesn't go your way still provides a chance to learn.

Read up

You've been to a lot of interviews and you think you come across well when meeting new people. But that might not be enough. Have a little humility and realise that you might not be mastering everything you need to perform brilliantly in this situation yet. The internet is full of great advice about how to tackle these important meetings: It might not all suit you, but cherry pick the bits that do. And if something clicks with you that you realise you've been missing up to now, don't ignore it: Put in the work to change things.

Ask for feedback

Interviewers don't always have the time to feed-back, but there's no harm in asking for some honest answers that could help you next time you go for a job. It will usually turn out that the reason an interview didn't go your way is simply that someone else beat you with their qualifications and experience. But even if this was the reason, the interviewer may still have noticed room for improvement that you could take onboard when it comes to technique.

Don't oversell yourself on your CV

Are you having a hard time in interview because you simply don't live up to your CV? We all know not to lie on our CV, but there's also a greyer area where people sometimes present the truth in a certain, rose-tinted light so that it's not a lie on paper, but is perhaps harder to back-up than it should be.

Ensure your CV is not only all true, but also an honest reflection of your skills.

And if your CV already contains only things that you will definitely be able to expand on at interview, be sure you're prepared to do just that before you go in. Don't assume that because it's your own life experience you already know it all – we all need to refresh our memories and put in prep work.