White as a sheet: Top five haunted places to stay in UK

Everyone likes a good scare. Whether it is a cosy night in with a horror flick, or spending Halloween trick n' treating with your pals, nothing beats some classic spooky fun. However, if you are a paranormal fanatic, or are just plain mad, it may be worth considering a night in any of these hotspots for ghostly activity. Choose at your own peril.

The Red Lion Pub, Wiltshire

Any pub landlord will tell you grisly tales of the pub's past. Medieval murders. Victorian villains – most pubs have seen them all. But this 400-year-old site beats the rest of them. Located in Avebury's 'stone circle', this area has been riddled with myths of paganism and witchcraft for centuries, making it one of the most haunted spots in the UK.

Those who have dared to stay overnight have told stories of shadows, cold spots, orbs and even the ghosts of roaming children. Legend even states that the spirit of a woman roams the halls at night, infatuated with the male visitors. This place is not for the faint-hearted.

The Chatsworth Estate, Derbyshire

This may be a stunning stately home during the day, but the night brings with it a whole load of terrors. Many visitors have claimed to see the former owner of the estate, Bess of Hardwick, who lived during Elizabeth I's reign.

The estate has taken advantage of Bess' presence, and now hosts a week of activities known as 'Halloween Hoot', where zombie dances and spooky workshops will keep the family amused. And for those who can brave it, a torch-lit tour of the house and 'secret garden tunnel' may give you the opportunity to visit Bess herself.

The Langham Hotel, London

This Victorian giant used to be a former BBC building, before it became a dwelling for a variety of hotel guests and, ahem, spirits. For those who want a night of no sleep, book yourself into 'room 333'. Being the site of where a rich German man threw himself out of the window when his love affair ended, you may spot him hovering over your bed at the witching hour.

If you don't get a chance to spot a ghost, the nearby Highgate Cemetery has had visitors spotting tall dark figures, shadow ladies, and even vampires, wandering among its graves.  

Ballygally Castle Hotel, Northern Ireland

This famous site may be a cosy place to spend the evening, but it is also said to be the home of Madame Nixon, a woman who lived there in the 18th century. Following her death, she has remained to wander the corridors at night in a silk dress. Madame Nixon particularly enjoys knocking on the doors of rooms at night, while visitors can visit 'her room', where she has mostly been seen in a corner turret.

The Kirkstone Inn, Cumbria

The Lake District may seem like a peaceful and tranquil experience, but probably not if you brave this place. This place is not only the third highest pub in England, but it also is home to a bunch of malevolent ghosts. These include a woman who murdered her own child and a traveller who died during a journey through the nearby mountains. If you are to believe the stories, a family even caught the ghost of a 17th century coachman on camera in 1993, and now report that the spirit followed them home.

Check out the five ghostly spots across the UK that probably have not done hospitality recruitment any favours. And try and get a good night's sleep in the process.