When you’re leaving a job…

It's happened. You've been looking for new work, and now you have it. You're moving on from the job you have at the moment, maybe to a higher wage, better working conditions, or simply a new challenge.

There are still considerations to be made about how you handle things with your current employer at this stage, though.

Here are just a few of the things that it's worth keeping in mind.

Don't stop working hard

The temptation might be there to work that bit less hard, now that you know you're not going to be sticking around. Take our advice and don't do things this way – your current colleagues won't thank you for it and, from a personal point of view, you still want your employer to be able to give you a great reference. The best thing to do is to carry on being as engaged and hard working as possible, and leave the job on a high.

Start preparing

It's a good idea to start getting yourself ready for your new job if needs be. Ask your new employer if there's anything they think it would be good for you to do in advance of joining. If they can't think of anything, come up with your own prep. Look back at the list of duties attached to the job, and decide how you're going to impress in the role. Of course, you may also have a lot of practical considerations at this time, such as finding a new place to live.

Stay in touch with your colleagues

Make sure you maintain relationships with any current colleagues you want to be friends with. Now might be the time to add them on social sites if you haven't already, for example – although you might want to check they are happy for you to do that first. Swap numbers and email.

Think about your learnings

Reflection is the name of the game at this transitional time, even if you're leaving a job you really haven't enjoyed.

Take time to think your progress and lessons through. This way, they'll stand more chance of helping to guide you, going forward.

Arrange a leaving do

Go for a drink after work, or just a lunch with people you're particularly close to. You may not want to have a special event because you're leaving, but they can be really good as a way to casually say goodbye to people.

Thank your boss

It's polite to thank your boss for the work they've done for you. Management can be tricky, and they may well have put in a lot of effort on your behalf – even without you knowing at times. It might even be them who gave you the job to start with.