VisitBritain helps host India Market Seminar

June 24th saw an India Market Seminar hosted by VisitBritain, ETOA and UKinbound.

The idea of the activity was to expand tourism to Britain from the Indian market.

It comes after data showed that the country is now Britain's biggest BRIC market when it comes to visitor volume.

Office for National Statistics stats show that 375,000 visits from India to British shores happened last year.This was an 11 per cent rise on 2012.

In terms of expenditure, India's contribution was expanding even faster and is behind China alone when it comes to total value.

Indian visitors' nominal spend last year was £441 million, up 32 per cent annually.

The India Market Seminar included senior figures representing the Indian tourism industry, according to a release from before it took place. It focused on the country's outbound performance, especially when it comes to Switzerland and the UK.

Research from VisitBritain estimates that annual visit numbers from India to Britain could reach 500,000 by the year 2020.

As part of work to strengthen the tourism bond between India and the UK, ETOA and UKinbound have signed memorandums of understanding with their Indian counterparts as a way of keeping up the countries' business to business relationship and bring in more tourism to Britain in future.

“China grabs the headlines but the Indian market is one of our most loyal and the largest in volume of all of the BRICs," said VisitBritain acting CEO, Keith Beecham.

"Indian visitors have a higher propensity to travel beyond London, so they are a hugely valuable market in terms of spreading the regional benefits of international tourism across the country."

Speaking prior to the seminar, he said that it would help the UK industry find out about the things that make visitors from India tick.