Tweet your way to a job in 2014

In this tough economic climate, jobs can be hard to come by, but we also live in a digital world where everyone is connected in some way or another. Therefore, it is crucial that you make the most out of social networking sites, as Twitter, for example, is often used as a recruitment resource by employers.

Social and professional profiles

It is vital that you make your presence on Twitter more employer-friendly. To achieve this, pop a job pitch into your Twitter bio, but note that as this can only be 160 characters long, you will need it to be succinct and direct. Your bio may feature a link to an online CV if you are not one to shorten your words. Also be sure to use a professional-looking picture and tweet regularly that you are jobhunting. In your tweets, you also need to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Obviously do not lie and misrepresent yourself, but over time, you may become influential in your sector, and employees may recognise this. Not only will it be plus points for you, but it will highlight that you are actually passionate about what you do.

Finally, consider your Twitter background. This is all empty space that you are not taking advantage of to promote yourself.

Who do you know?

Many people will ask: how do I get to know the right people? The answer to this is not clear, but you have to remember that it's not necessarily about who you are looking for – some people may be looking for you. These tend to be job recruiters that will use the site for suitable candidates, so when looking for recruiters, be sure to consider their bio, their follower-following ratio as this suggests influence and the link to their website. If in doubt, ask others in your network if they are a credible source or not as they may have some valuable advice.

You will also want to let your existing followers know that you will be using Twitter as a recruitment tool. The last thing you will want is to have your weekend shenanigans posted on Twitter, only for an employer to stumble across them. Make sure you also keep an eye on your privacy settings to see what is exactly visible to the public and what is not. Many will use scare tactics to get people off such sites, but a horrendous picture of you intoxicated from Friday night may just be the thing that prevents you from nabbing that all-important vacancy.

By following the right people and customising your profile, you can use this social networking site for your job hunt. Be sure to combine this with putting some time aside for LinkedIn, Facebook, and other online tools that may be beneficial. By having a collective view, you can be sure that you won't be on the unemployment heap for too long.

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