TripAdvisor turns 15 years old

A web service which many hospitality professionals know very well has just turned 15 years old.

Yes, TripAdvisor, a site many people who work in the industry check regularly for reviews of their business, has now been around for a decade and a half.

During that time it has, according to CEO and president Stephen Kaufer, changed "from being the site for hotel reviews to becoming the 'destination site' where you go to research and book nearly every aspect of your trip".

It's partly because of this that so many industry professionals check it so closely, of course!

The service now has over 200 million opinions and reviews on it and operates in over 45 different countries.

Last year alone it managed to attract over 2.5 billion unique views and comscore Media Metrix data shows it as the biggest travel site on earth.

Opinions and reviews posted onto the service by travellers are up 60 per cent in 2015, compared to 2014. Since 2005, the rise has been 2,000 per cent.

During its time in action, TripAdvisor has brought in a TripAdvisor for Business offering and various tools aimed at people like tourism and hospitality industry professionals.

The site has become more and more involved in supporting people to actually make bookings.

It launched a hotel price comparison service in 2013. Last year it brought in an instant-booking service in the US, so that people can make hotel bookings without having to click away from the TripAdvisor site – and this is being put into place in other countries, too.

It's also been acquiring platforms for booking attractions and eateries, with a view to giving users more options when it comes to making bookings via TripAdvisor.

When it comes to eateries and hotels, there are 2.4 million of the former and 915,000 of the latter listed on the site.