TripAdvisor now boasts Instant Reservation for eateries

A new feature means users can reserve a restaurant table while still on TripAdvisor, the site recently announced. It comes after TripAdvisor acquired lafourchette in May 2014. 

More than 13,000 eateries are involved in the fresh Instant Reservation feature, all of them part of the lafourchette network in Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and France. 

For these places, the ability to search restaurant availability is now part of city pages on TripAdvisor. 

This means that people using the site can make a table reservation on TripAdvisor – rather than heading to the lafourchette webiste, as they used to have to do to make a lafourchette restaurant booking. 

Using the lafourchette network means people can see menus and use special offers which are put onto their bill at the point of booking so they don’t need to show a voucher in person. 

TripAdvisor TripBarometer research suggests that two fifths of travellers internationally research restaurants via mobile while they’re on holiday. One in three reserve via mobile. 

“We are focused on improving the customer online restaurant booking experience and Instant Reservation will help more people find and book great restaurants,” said TripAdvisor senior vice president, global product, Adam Medros.

“The launch also provides an exciting opportunity to further establish TripAdvisor as the go to place to research, select and book restaurants whether on a trip or close to home.” 

The Instant Reservation feature can be used on TripAdvisor’s English language sites, it’s Spanish language sites and in France, Italy, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. 

It works on mobile browser, desktop browser and on the brand’s Android and iPhone apps. 

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