Travelodge undertakes ‘Flavours of Britain’ research

Hotel chain Travelodge has carried out a new survey linked to an ongoing campaign in which it aims to inspire people from the UK to 'get up & go'.

As a result, it's been discovered that one in five UK kids say they enjoy trying new foods when they head off on a British holiday.

Travelodge questioned some 1,000 UK youngsters in the study, which it has called The Flavours of Britain.

Other findings included that nearly 50 per cent of the sample hadn't yet tried a Cornish pasty, and one in three couldn't even name the main ingredients.

A higher 70 per cent or so hadn't given Cumberland sausages a go, it was also revealed.

Close to one in four of the sample were under the impression that a Devonshire cream tea involved squirting whipped cream onto a cup of tea, while 43 per cent weren't sure what this treat was, and three quarters hadn't sampled one yet.

A top ten list of Brit kids 'must have' holiday grub was compiled as part of the research, and put an unsurprising winner, fish and chips in the top spot.

This was followed by the 99 ice cream cone, with pizza coming in third place.

The top five also included the ice cream sundae, and chicken tikka masala curry.

Other findings included the fact that some 90 per cent hadn't ever tried haggis, while over one in three haven't added candy floss to their list of sampled food yet

"Looking at this research, it is a great pity that so many young Britons are not aware of, or have not had the opportunity to enjoy, our rich and varied regional culinary heritage," commented the food historian and cook Monica Askay in the wake of the study.

The complete top ten must-have holiday foods that came up from the research was completed by fresh doughnuts at six, followed by chinese stir fry, burger & chips, pancakes and waffles.

As people in hospitality jobs with the chain – and many members of the public – will already be aware, Travelodge recently launched it's advertising campaign based around inspiring Brits to 'get up and go' and this has come at a price of £25 million, the company's largest single campaign advertising spend to date.

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