Travelodge lists odd requests from customers

Travelodge has unveiled a list of what it has deemed 'strange requests': unusual things that guests have asked of people in hospitality jobs at its hotels during the past year.

It says that teams at its 513 hotels handle over 200,000 odd requests and queries yearly.

It seems a guest staying at Newcastle Central recently asked whether he could be told how many stars were out in that night's sky. 

And a guest at Derby Park Pride said that they were a fan of cleaning and asked if there were any rooms they could clean!

Someone at Edinburgh Central Princes Street was apparently watching their carbs and asked if the chips had potato in them, while someone at the Brighton Seafront apparently said: "Can you stop the wind from blowing its spoiling my holiday".

Also at Newcastle Central, it seems a guest wanted to know if their hairdryer would make their hair longer, while someone staying in Hastings asked if the team at the hotel could act out a bedtime tale for their kids.

And at Edinburgh Central, another guest asked if they could borrow a staff member's suit for an interview as they had left theirs at home.

"Our annual bizarre requests audit of 513 hotels reveals over 200,000 unusual requests by our business and leisure customers with some more bizarre than others. Our hotel teams will always try their best to accommodate customer requests but there are just some requests that we just can not help with, such as changing the weather or counting the stars in the sky," commented spokesperson for the chain, Shakila Ahmed.

It seems there was an increase in odd requests linked to business customers wanting help with presentations and meetings in the past year.

Among the odd requests from people travelling for business, besides the suit request mentioned above, one customer asked the manager at the Travelodge on Liverpool Exchange Street whether she was able to take minutes in a conference call that he had coming up at midnight.

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