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Tips on how to make a temp agency the tool for searching for a job

Temp agencies have been around for decades, yet there is still a great deal of misunderstanding about how they work, and what services they can provide job hunters. This article will attempt to both educate and illuminate when it comes to temp agencies.

How does a Temporary Employment Agency work?

A temp agency’s mission is to attract and match talented employees to the roles most suited to their abilities. Once placed, an employee works for the agency at the specific business, as per their contract. The business pays the agency, then the agency pays the employee. The employee’s performance is monitored, and they may be removed if found to be performing below par.

When the agency recruits, it looks for skills and talents. When sending people off to work, it makes sure they will fit into the ethos of the business. It’s a fine juggling act – keeping the business, the agency and the employee happy.

Do Temporary Employment Agencies specialise?

Most agencies will have a special area of expertise, depending on where they are. If a city is dominated by a certain industry, it of course will pay any agency located in that city to specialise in that business niche.

Smaller agencies in less populous areas are more likely to generalise, rather than specialise.

What’s the best way to approach a Temporary Employment Agency if you’re seeking temporary work?

Just as with seeking a full-time position, you need to do your homework. Companies have specific cultures, and so do temp agencies. A job-seeker needs to take to the internet and do their research:

  • What kinds of positions does a specific agency fill?
  • What skills and levels of experience are required?
  • What it’s like to work at the agency?
  • What fees and commissions are payable?

Once research has been undertaken, the next step is to visit the agency’s website. A job-seeker will need to fill out a profile and submit their résumé if they are requested to. Once that is complete, an interview with a recruitment consultant is typically arranged. This gives the job-seeker the chance to get to know the agency, and vice versa. If things go well, the job-seeker will be offered a position with the agency.

Can working via a Temporary Employment Agency lead to full-time work?

Companies are always on the look out for talented people, and so a temporary role can often lead to a permanent one. Sometimes a company will offer a temp a full-time position (with compensation paid to the temp agency), but often it’s the employee who is proactive and will push themselves forwards for roles that become available. This should be done with caution – if a temp badgers a company for a permanent role too early in their history together, then often the company will curtail the temp’s contract, and the temp agency itself may be influenced to remove the employer from their books.

A Temporary Employment Agency can be the ideal place to being searching for a new role, and can help to fill (hopefully) temporary employment gaps while also offering the possibility of finding a permanent job.