Thirteen new ‘studio schools’ to open in England in 2014

It has been announced that 13 new ‘studio schools’ will open across England in September 2014.

The new schools will join the 16 that are already open and the other 15 hoping to open later this year. This will mean that there will be over 40 ‘studio schools’ open to 14,000 students by the end of next year.

The schools, that are available for students aged 14 and over, help pupils gain valuable skills in order to help them find leisure, recreational and hospitality jobs more easily. The main aim behind the project is to combine academia with practical work. This will include full GCSEs in maths, English and science, whilst A-Levels and other vocational qualifications will also be on offer. Essentially, these new schools are quite similar to University Technical Colleges (UTCs), but UTCs tend to be more advanced in their technical methodology.

Ministers hope that by giving pupils both work experience and qualifications, they will be more attractive to potential employers. The schools have come under fire from teaching unions however, who argue that the institutions are forcing young children to focus on their careers too early on, whilst also suggesting that the current education system in Britain is already diverse enough.

Various companies have already got involved within the scheme such as Barclays, RSPCA, The National Space Centre and The National Trust. Schools Minister Lord Nash said: "More employers are getting involved in studio schools, demonstrating their commitment to preparing young people – who will be their future employees – for the world of work.

“It is crucial for young people to have the skills and experience vital to employers, both for their own prosperity and to help us compete in the global race."

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