The train of thought: Picking the right training course

Training courses are important in the hospitality field, but it is important to firstly pick the right one and then actually maximise what you can learn from it.

Pick and prepare

When choosing a training course, it should be centred on the exact skills you need to attain rather than what looks fun or appealing. Rather than what you will be doing, your focus should be on what you will gain from it. Be sure to also look at the credentials of whoever is running the course, whilst also reading up on reviews and recommendations.

Once these objectives have been figured out, you can then prepare for the course by thinking of any preparatory reading that may be useful. Make contact with the course leader to see if there is anything you will need to take with you.

Concentration and camaraderie

You will optimise your learning when taking key notes of what the trainer says. The main purpose of this will not be to track everything down but to keep your mind active and learning. As you soak everything in, be sure to also engage by asking questions. There will be things that you, and your peers, will not understand so the only way you will look silly is if you actually don’t say anything.

With every point, relate it back to the real world and always jot down these personal thoughts, even if they are not stressed in the training course. You can always go through these notes with your trainer at a later time.

During the coffee break, it will be wise to discuss the issues with other delegates. See how they are planning to use the skills that they have attained because this might offer you fresh ideas. And if they do not turn out to be a good contact for the future, they could just be a nice social tool to ease the pressure of the day.

Reinforce and review

Once you are out of the classroom, you need to constantly implement what you have learnt. Re-read any handouts and your notes, and when you get home, write a plan of action for the future. You may even want to discuss with your manager what you have learnt and how it can be embedded in your everyday work.

You will most benefit from the course if you continually review your progress. Each month, look back on how you may or may not be adopting your new skills. Are you keeping to the plan, or do you need to amend it slightly? When in doubt, contact your trainer by phone or email, whilst asking for feedback from your manager on a regular basis can guarantee you great results.

Make the most of your training courses. It may just propel your career in hospitality to new heights.

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