The Hottest New Restaurants in London

Written by Kate Harding

It’s coming to that time of year where the sun is shining (some of the time) and we are all eating out more, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you find that you’re resorting to the same old places, then we are here to help you broaden your horizon and show you where the hottest places are to go to right now.

1. SQUIRRELSouth Kensington

The owners of the popular ‘Bunga Bunga’ restaurant are jumping on the ‘health conscious’ bandwagon, and have opened up a new all-day healthy ‘hangout’ restaurant called Squirrel, which launched on 18th July. The new restaurant is being led by the owners wives, Zoe Stirling, a nutritionist and marketer Anneke Gilkes, who themselves are all for a healthy lifestyle. The theme is all around Squirrels with the restaurant being a tree house (what!), and interior decor will be inspired by the acorn tree, and acorns themselves. Zoe states that the recipes will be packed with superfoods and grains but avoid “weird foods that people won’t recognise”. Breakfasts will be available for £5 and under, while customers will be able to have lunch or dinner for £10.

2. COPPA CLUBOxford Circus

Just round the corner from The Kellan Group London office, Coppa Club have set up a new restaurant in Oxford Circus, making its debut on 27th June. It offers a tranquil setting designed to appeal for all kinds of eating environments. They offer up spaces designated for work or meetings, a downstairs cocktail bar for socialising and a restaurant floor for relaxed eating where you can stay for as long as you wish. The outside seating has a covered terrace with heaters so you can enjoy sitting outside without getting cold. The menu dishes up European cuisine from grills, to pasta, pizza and healthy salads. This place is a great hit and would be a great spot for a business lunch.

3. NOLAROLAVauxhall

If you’re one that loves to consume a large amount of food and alcohol, then this is your go-to place! NolaRola opened its pop-up restaurant on 16th July, offering ‘bottomless’ food and drink so you can consume until your hearts content. All you do is pay £29 each and book a 2 hour slot at lunch time. The food on offer includes pork BBQ ribs, crunchy slaw, kale, chargrilled sweet potato, sweetcorn, pan-fried halloumi, pomegranate seeds and deep fried jambalaya rice balls with a melted smoked cheese centre, and you can wash that all down with unlimited prosecco and whiskey punch. Sounds incredible! You have to be quick though as it finishes in October. This place is great for parties, birthdays or a boozy lunch.

4. SARDINEOld Street

Former chef of Dock Kitchen and Rotorino, Alex Jackson has decided to take the plunge and open a rustic Mediterranean restaurant as Alex describes as “simple, understated and a bit rugged, like a Mediterranean grandma would make, but if she was a bit posh and bought really, really good veg”. The environment is very relaxed and is perfect for a casual dinner. The menu includes stuffed rabbit, home-cured anchovies, stuffed sardines and a fire roasted leg of lamb. Most importantly if you’re a cheese lover, you’ll be able to get an incredible cheese board for dessert.