The brilliant and bizarre: Top five weird restaurants in the world

Nothing beats sitting down with friends, family or a loved one and having a nice meal out. However, you will always get the people who find sitting at a table eating a normal meal, well, slightly dull. They crave the weird. If you fall under this category, check out some of these places.

Drinking out the bowl

We often like to think that we have a bit of class when eating out, but obviously this rule does not apply to this snazzy spot in Taiwan. The Modern Toilet Restaurant offers traditional cuisine in small toilet bowls. Usually a trip to the bathroom is what occurs after a meal, but it does not seem to be the case here. The original venue was such a success that owner Eric Wang has actually opened a chain of similar sites across the country. And to add to the weirdness, the restaurant's toilets are in the shapes of plates.

A shot in the dark

Some things just work in the dark. Relief for headaches, intimate moments with a partner, or the perfect atmosphere for a horror film. But eating? Well the bosses of Dans Le Noir in London's Clerkenwell obviously think so. Holding around 60 individuals, this blackened room will give you the ultimate sensory experience, as your taste buds are heightened. To make this place even more unique, the waiters that serve you are all blind.

Want a showtune with those fries?

For those who like their meals camp with a side dish of glitter, Ellen's Stardust Diner in New York, USA, offers singing waitresses and dancing chefs. Located next to the major Broadway theatres, you will be able to enjoy Adele being screeched over a serving of hamburgers, or a routine of 'Oliver!' number 'Consider Yourself' as your milkshake is being served. Cheese with some fries may not be suited to everyone, but you are sure to have a hell of a time here. And if this is all too glitzy for you, Dick's Last Resort chain restaurants has staff that simply yell abuse at you and treat you like something they would find at the bottom of their shoe. It's all in jest though.

Monkey business

Darwinology will tell you that we evolved from monkeys, and this restaurant only adds fuel to the theory. At Izakaya Kayabuki in Utsonomiya, Japan, monkeys are hired as staff to work in the restaurant. The monkeys are actually the pets of owner Kaoru Otsuka and the perfect way to tip the waiter here is offering some peanuts.

A trip to the clinic

You are either a fan of hospital food or you are not. Either way, the next time you are in Singapore, consider a trip to The Clinic, a spot where they will serve you food under surgical lights. Similar to Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, this high-concept spot will leave you sat in a wheelchair, literally.

Hospitality jobs are carried out by all form of individuals here; doctors, blind individuals and monkeys. If you want a unique, wonderful and wacky dining experience, try any of these for size.