The advantages of temp work

Many people enjoy the fixed income and security that comes with working full time in a permanent job – but there are lots of advantages to being a temporary or 'temp' worker, too.

This type of hospitality work might especially appeal to those who are in specific circumstances or in particular periods of their life – but can be an exciting proposition to a wide range of workers.

Here are just four of the possible benefits that you might want to consider if you're thinking of signing-up as a temp.

It can be a training ground

When you're looking to develop new skills to help you secure more permanent work, certain types of temping can be great initial experiences to boost your CV and potentially lead to something less temporary further along the line.

That's not to say that temping only appeals to people who are new to catering or hospitality, though, of course. Highly skilled people, such as trained chefs, can also benefit.

You will need experience to do certain types of temping. And even those taking on hospitality and catering temping without direct industry experience will benefit from relevant skills, which they might have picked up through different life experiences.

That includes things like organisational abilities and people skills, good time-keeping and an ability to learn fast.

It can boost your income

Taking temp shifts alongside another job has the potential to boost income, meaning that you can bring in more cash in a given month.

Because temping has flexibility, you may be able to pick and choose when you work, so that your shifts fit in with your other job.

On the other hand, it might be that, for whatever reason, you're only able to work limited hours.

Maybe you are devoting your time to volunteering, caring for a family member or are semi-retired, for example.

Temp work could help provide you with an income while matching your time needs.


Those who love meeting different people and the thrill of potentially arriving at a whole new workplace with each new shift, may well find temping appealing.

It's a great way to be thrown in with a fresh group of faces on a regular basis, allowing you to meet people and make contacts. Sometimes you might be nervous before a shift somewhere new, but most of the time you'll be pleased you took the plunge!

You could also work in a wide variety of environments, each of which could give you something new to add to your CV.

It can fill in time between jobs

Those who've found themselves unemployed can sometimes find temping is a great stop-gap while they search for new work.

Temping keeps your hand in the world of work, earns you cash and can potentially even mean you come out with an expanded range of experience for your CV.

Meanwhile, it could be that a certain scenario you end up in due to temping could provide perfect inspiration for a more permanent career move.