Ten quick ways to boost the job hunt

Job hunting ?We think these quick tips might improve things for you…

Search daily

You never know when a new position will come up, so always take a look at what's out there on at least a daily basis, even if you had been planning to just apply for things you've already seen that day. Getting an application in as soon as a job is advertised is a great feeling!

Open your eyes

There can be job opportunities in places you're not used to looking. For example, is that previously unoccupied shop being turned into a cafe? Those who are after hospitality jobs would be well advised to look in the window and see whether any positions are being listed. New cafes and bars often need new staff!

Never consider your CV finished

A CV is a document that is changing all the time – and can always be improved. You'd be well advised to look at it every single time you make an application and ensure it's looking its absolute best. Getting all the right details and ensuring accuracy is just the start – how can you make it even more attention grabbing and exciting?

Congratulate yourself for every application

Any application is worth a treat if it's a job well done. Especially if you're currently out of work, you may need a mood booster, so make sure you congratulate yourself when you make a productive move in the job hunt, even if only with a cup of tea and a biscuit!

Keep yourself looking smart

It's not a good idea to have scruffy hair that badly needs a cut when you're going for an interview, so be ready to make a professional impression at a moment's notice if you're serious about your job hunt.

Be proactive about limiting procrastination

If you know something is likely to make you waste time, think of serious ways to avoid it: For example, disconnect your laptop from the internet for a while as you work on your CV.

Have an open mind

You may find types of jobs that would really suit you that you've never thought of before, so don't just keep searching for nothing but bar work for example, change things up a bit.

Don't let rejection be an issue

It will happen, not every interview can be a success, so do everything you can to avoid getting down. Also, always ask for feedback, as it could give you some useful tips.

Keep in touch with friends

If you're unemployed, you may not have the social circle work can provide. Be sure you're keeping in touch with friends and arranging fun times, to boost your morale!

Enjoy the potential

The feeling that you're not sure what's to come can be upsetting, but it can also be exciting! Try to enjoy this small perk!

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