Ten-million pounds of profit for Whitbread Sharesave users

Participating in the Sharesave programme from Whitbread has made company workers over £10 million of profit.

Workers at the company can currently save £10 to £500 each month via the scheme and buy shares at a lower than usual price.

The scheme eventually lets them either sell or keep the shares, while exercising their options, or just withdraw their original investment.

Among the scheme's 1,378 participants, those who have been using the five-year-long programme could have seen their investment multiplied by four. The people who have used the three-year-long alternative could have seen their investment triple.

As of February 2nd, the maturity date, the Whitbread share price was about £49.90. Three-year-scheme participants have an option price of 1339.2p, and the five-year programme option price is 1008p.

Based on the February 2nd share price, people who saved £250 every month – the maximum possible previously – could have got about £61,000 each in profit using the longer scheme, or £24,000 each using the three-year option.

Actual saving was somewhat lower, however, with 122 using the five-year programme and putting away £48.78 monthly each on average, leading to more than £12,000 each profit on average.  

There's an average of more than £6,000 profit for people using the three year option, based on the 1,295 participant's average figure saved per month: £70.75.

One of the people in hospitality jobs who has made the most of the scheme, putting away £250 each month over half a decade, is assistant manager at the Widness branch of Brewers Fayre, Stephen Atherton.

"I’m absolutely over the moon. I never expected to gain this much from the scheme. I’ve decided to hang onto the shares as I’m hoping the share price will keep going up, and I want to keep it for a fun retirement," he said

"I’ve been with Whitbread for over 20 years and have seen a lot of changes. It’s been really interesting following the share price as Whitbread has evolved," he added, as well as recommending the scheme to Whitbread colleagues.

The company owns a range of hospitality brands, such as Costa, Beefeater and Premier Inn, and has a total staff of around 45,000 within the UK.