Taiwanese hotel installs slide for guests

The hotel industry is always thinking of new and exciting ways to attract customers – and now a hotel in Taiwan has come up with a really innovative way to stand out.

Guests at the RedDot Hotel in Taichung City, Taiwan, will no longer have to take a lift or stairs when heading down – because the owner has installed a slide in the hotel.

The slide is 30 metres long and spirals from the second floor to the first, helping hotel guests to move between floors much more speedily, the Mirror reports.

Inspiration for the hotel’s unique layout came from the innovative Google offices, which also feature slides.

The hotel’s slide was completely in July 2014 and has certainly got guests talkings – however, the process of installing it was not completely smooth sailing.

General manager Steven Wu, who designed the slide, told the newspaper about the difficulties the hotel had in its bid to be unique.

He said: ‘When it was transported to the hotel it was divided into four major segments,’ said the 42-year-old.

‘It was a big feat of engineering, we really feel a sense of achievement that we accomplished it.”

Mr Wu admitted that they had to ask five craftspeople before they found someone who would do it.

“That’s how difficult it was,” he explained.

It seems that it was worth it however, with the manager adding that every time passengers slide down they “laugh out loud and enjoy it”.

‘With the stainless steel and accompanying neon lights, it becomes a tunnel which brings back memories of childhood,” he said.