Status. Comment. Like!: Using Facebook for the job hunt

You are sat at work sifting through your Facebook feed and dreaming of hospitality careers. Many will think that the social networking site is just a tool for being nosey in your friends' lives or being inundated with annoying status notifications, but if used correctly, it could actually be a great way to progress your career pathway.

"Be my friend, please."

With over a billion members now, it is now unusual if you find someone not on the site, and behind Google, it is deemed as the second most popular site on the Internet by industrial experts. On average, users will spend 20 minutes a day on the social networking site, this being in comparison to ten seconds for the average site on the web. Therefore, it should be the perfect place to network.

LinkedIn may have become the business portal to meet people in recent years, but you can be sure that potential new bosses, such as HR individuals and hiring managers, will be on Facebook. With Twitter and LinkedIn being the obvious portals to go through, it may therefore all you to stand out from the crowd, literally, if you message someone on Facebook. Finding a mutual friend who is working for a great company may be the link you need. Just do note that you do not want to irritate anyone, so play this with tact.

"What's on your mind?"

Using statuses does not just have to be some poetic song lyrics or you revealing to the world just how great your egg sandwich was. Be sure to let your friends, family, old colleagues, and everyone else you haven't bothered to delete, know that you are on the job hunt. People will naturally help you out if they know any vacancies.

Many will forget so be sure to remind people you are looking for work, but at the same time, do not go crazy. No one likes anyone blocking up their feed.

"Join this group!"

The Facebook groups are just like the LinkedIn ones, as they will help you meet people who have similar interests or are working in the same industry as you. When you can, start a discussion and post valuable resources on the wall. not only will this encourage people to add you as a friend, but people may also return the favour and let you know of anything that may be of interest to your job hunt.

The key here is to get noticed and someone out there may be looking and may even consider you for a job post.

"Sponsored by…"

The Facebook marketplace may be considered. Post an advertisement campaign and you can link this to your profile. Choose what demographic you want to target, and you can even budget how much you want to spend. The right people will therefore see you and it is a great way to reach out to potential employers.

So will Facebook give you your dream job? Probably not, but it will help you along the way. It's either that or sticking in your current job sifting through your mate's holiday pictures.

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