Stats show catering work’s popularity for undergraduates

Catering work has come out as the second most popular type for full time university undergraduate students in recent research.

According to the numbers, 21 per cent of such student workers are in this industry, doing things like restaurant or bar work.

The only sector that was more popular according to the Santander 1l2l3 Student Current Account survey statistics was retail (31 per cent).

A sector top five was completed by office jobs (ten per cent), teaching jobs (eight per cent) and manual work (four per cent).

However, 20 per cent cited that they were in 'other' types of work to those listed in the survey.

Overall, 61 per cent of undergraduates on full time courses were found to work in jobs.

"Paid employment not only offers students valuable work experience, it also helps cover the rising cost of attending university," explained Steve Pateman, head of banking for Santander.

On average, full time undergraduates in work are doing eight hours a week at their jobs when it's term, but this goes up to 18 hours a week outside of term and 29 per cent are doing 30 hours weekly or even more when the holidays are on.

Reasons given by the students for doing paid work include getting cash for uni costs (58 per cent), getting work experience (55 per cent) and making sure they have good living standards with luxury items (49 per cent).

Another discovery from the research was that full time undergraduates' average annual job-related earnings work out at £4,478.

Six per cent of workers were getting earnings of £12,000 to £30,000 from their jobs.

The biggest average earnings – £7,037 – were seen by finance and accounting students, while people on law, business and admin courses were overall most likely to have a job (69 per cent of such students work).

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