Special offer for designated drivers launched at BrewDog bars

BrewDog bars, the bar venues from the biggest indie brewery in Scotland, have brought in a new discount – especially for people who will be driving home after their visit.

BrewDog says the move is designed to mean it's easier for customers to have a good time in a BrewDog bar, then drive home legally and safely, and that it takes inspiration from Scotland's drink-drive laws being changed recently.

The discount involves 15 per cent off the price of a soft drink or of the Nanny State beer, a low-alcohol option (0.5% ABV).

The customer can access the lower price by showing their car keys upon ordering. The offer also applies to coffee.

"This is our way of giving a little back to those brave souls who have taken on the responsibly to safely ferry their friends to and from the watering hole," explained BrewDog co-founder, James Watt.

He added that the brand has "always championed" drinking responsibly, adding that it wants this offer to make things easier for people who need to get to its bars by driving.

"Nanny State is the perfect choice for designated drivers. It demonstrates the versatility of beer, showing it is perfectly possible to achieve a flavoursome and complex beer with very low alcohol levels," he also said.

Mr Watt, and his fellow BrewDog founder Martin Dickie, founded BrewDog in 2007 when they were in their 20s.

The brand recently unveiled a new UK import and distribution division, as well as giving word that it had struck a deal with Stone Brewing Co, to import the US brewer's products.

Scotland changed its drinking and driving limit late last year, making it lower than anywhere else in the UK.